How to Apply For CPP Disability Benefits

CPP disability is a program of the Federal Government of Canada, which comes under the authority of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada. The CPP disability program is controlled by services offices all over Canada

If you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan, then you can qualify for CPP disability benefits upon becoming unable to work due to an injury, medical or illness condition. If accepted, disability benefits are paid to you each month. The average payment for 2014 was $ 903 and the maximum payment for 2015 is $ 1, 265 per month.

You can apply for CPP disability benefits by filling out the forms and

To avail the CPP disability benefits, fill out the forms and send it to the appropriate service Canada processing center, Service Canada will process your application and then you will get a payment for back benefits owing.

You will receive a payment each month until age 65 or until you are no longer disabled.

Essential consideration before applying for Disability Benefits:

  • See to it that whether it’s Right time to apply for CPP Disability Benefits

The thing once that is it the right time for you to leave work and apply for disability? People mostly apply for disability benefits who suffer from a constant medical condition which roots them to lose slowly the ability to work overtime

  • Make sure you worked adequately to meet the minimum qualifying period

Make sure that you meet the minimum qualifying period before you stop working. You need to work at least 6 years before you go off on disability

  • Make sure you have Doctor Support
  • You, doctor, need more convincing
  • The doctor is incompetent or biased

Step by step guide to apply for CPP Disability Benefits:

Step: 1

Get the Form to Apply For CPP Disability

Get the Forms from a local Service Canada Office or GO to the Service Canada’s website; you have to fill out the following Forms Completely

  • Application for Disability Benefits
  • Questionnaire for Disability Benefits
  • Child Rearing Provision Form
  • Consent for Service Canada to obtain personal information
  • Medical Report

Step 2:

Fill out the complete application form for disability form

It’s very simple to fill out the application for disability; basically it requires you’re personal information like Name, rank and serial number. And the looks as shown below

Box 9, is very important and it’s very hard to mess this Form up unless you fill your Date of Birth correctly

Box 10, is also very important because if you children under 18 or from 18 – 25 and enrolled in school, then you can qualify for extra disability benefits for your child.

Step: 3

Fill out the Questionnaire for Disability Form

The questionnaire is very important to fill out; here you need to give details information about your medical condition like about your diagnosis, last day of work and your impairments

Last Day Of work Section:

Box 4 & 5 are very important in the Questionnaire Form, “Last Day of Work”.

Medical Information Section:

Another important section is Medical Information of the Questionnaire, in this section Box 16 will ask you, when you could no longer work because of disability, this date needs to be matched with the date you filled in Box 5.  Usually, it’s a first scheduled workday after your “last day on the job”.

Step: 4

Fill out the Medical Report Form from your Doctor

Like Questionnaire Form for Disability Benefits, the Medical Report is one of the most important parts of your application for CPP disability benefits

Step: 5

Fill out the Consent for Service Canada to acquire Personal Information Form

If you’re handling your own application, then basically you need to sign the consent form to allow service Canada to inscribe directly to your doctors for information the payment will be credited to doctor directly

In case, if you don’t want to sign the Consent Form, then you need to request information from your doctor on behalf of service Canada.

Step: 6

Fill the Child Rearing Provision Form

If you ever the main caregiver to your children, then you must fill out the Child Rearing Provision Form and this information should be straightforward and make sure to get the dates correct

Step: 7

Prepare a Cover Letter

Write a cover letter to go with your Application Form, Technically a cover letter is not so important for the application

Step 8:

Assemble your Application Package:

Now you must arrange all the Form correctly as shown below and organization is very important, get everything ready to apply for CPP benefits

  1. A Completed and signed Application for Disability Benefits
  2. A completed and signed Questionnaire for Disability Benefits
  3. A Completed Medical Report Form
  4. A Completed and Signed “Consent for Service Canada to Obtain Personal Information” Form
  5. A finished Child Rearing Provision Form

A finished and signed the Cover letter.

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