Book Online Appointment in AIIMS

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AIIMS is the top most reputed medical colleges and hospitals in India. Accessible, quality healthcare and trust are the backbone of AIIMS. Doctors are highly qualified and experienced in various fields. All the difficult and unique case will be treated and cured in AIIMS hospitals. They are conveying the high quality of service in India.

This article guides you about how to get aiims online appointment for new & existing patients.

In this period of Smartphone, everything has become online. Now, AIIMS also providing the online facility of booking an appointment with in short time from your office, home, traveling and from anywhere at any time as per your comfort without any hassles.

Thousands of people were aggressive to get the appointment of AIIMS and it created difficult to AIIMS hospitals management and people also, to solve this problem AIIMS has started online appointment system, where you can book the appointment through online and visit the hospital on the scheduled date.

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Through this step by step aiims online registration process you can book AIIMS appointments in all branches of AIIMS in India, during the filling process you need to select state and Hospitals locations like

  • AIIMS New Delhi
  • AIIMS Patna
  • AIIMS Bhubaneswar
  • AIIMS Jodhpur
  • AIIMS Rishikesh
  • AIIMS Kanpur
  • AIIMS Raipur

Here, you have 3 different methods to Book Appointment in AIIMS through online. So, choose your appropriate selection to book appointment within few minutes

  • Book AIIMS Appointment for Aadhar card holders?

  • Book AIIMS Appointment without Aadhaar card?

  • Book AIIMS Appointment for existing patients?

For New Patient:

The first option on the site is for the new patient which means you are taking the AIIMS appointment for the first time. After selecting it you will get separate page, Follow this AIIMS online appointment process-

To book an online appointment in AIIMS, you need to have Aadhar card, if in case you possess Aadhar card then you can book an appointment through your mobile number.

AIIMS Online Registration For Aadhar Card Holders

AIIMS Online Registration- Without Aadhar Card

AIIMS Online Registration- For Exciting Patients


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