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AIIMS Online Registration- For Exciting Patients

Here are the steps to book an appointment in Aiims for Exciting Patients Step: 1 Go to the AIIMS website ( ) and Click on Existing patient with UHID Step: 2 Enter your UHID and Captcha code on new page Step: 3 Login with your details and follow the same process Step: 4 Choose […]

AIIMS Online Registration For Aadhar Card Holders

A boon is given to the patients by the AIIMS as now the online facility of booking an appointment of doctor is launched; the online site of AIIMS is managed clearly where you can easily understand and book an appointment Here are the steps to book an appointment with Aadhar card: Step: 1 Go to […]

MRI Scan

What is MRI Scan? MRI Scan stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, an MRI scan magnetic field and radio waves to create pictures, on a computer of tissues, organs, and other structures inside the body. An MRI scan is one of the most complicated diagnostic tools accessible to help a referring clinician understand the cause of […]

How to Book Physical Appointment Online in Apollo Hospitals

How to Book Physical Appointment Online in Apollo Hospitals Apollo Hospitals was set up in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C Reddy. It was India’s first corporate hospital, and is acclaimed for spearheading the private medicinal services transformation in the country. From that point forward, Apollo has risen to a place of programme and has developed […]

How to View AIIMS Lab Reports Online

View Your AIIMS Lab Reports: AIIMS institute has declare by Act of Parliament as institutions of national importance Step: 1 Go to the website & Click on “view laboratory reports” Step: 2 Select the hospital from drop down list and Aadhar number or hospital registration number & Click on Submit Step: 3 Enter the […]

How to View/Cancel Booked Appointment at AIIMS

View your Booked Appointments at AIIMS Cancel Booked Appointment follow the below steps Step1: If you want to see your booked appointment details, open aiims website ,then go to the view option   Step: 2 Enter your UHID number and special character as shown and click on proceed  Step: 3 You will get separate […]

Book Online Appointment in AIIMS

AIIMS is the top most reputed medical colleges and hospitals in India. Accessible, quality healthcare and trust are the backbone of AIIMS. Doctors are highly qualified and experienced in various fields. All the difficult and unique case will be treated and cured in AIIMS hospitals. They are conveying the high quality of service in India. […]

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