FASFA Deadlines 2023

FAFSA Deadlines:

You want to be aware of these FAFSA cutoff times:

  • The deadline for college.
  • The state’s deadline.
  • The federal deadline.

The FAFSA Deadline for College:

The colleges themselves set the first due date. Warning: This is a spoiler! Usually, it comes early. Although college deadlines vary from school to school, they typically arrive well before the beginning of the academic year. Check the FAFSA deadlines for each college you are applying to and apply early if you use more than one.


Numerous school FAFSA due dates need cutoff times, which implies you want to present your FAFSA structure by that date to get the most cash from the school possible. This date is prominently displayed on many colleges’ financial aid web pages. Call the school’s office of financial assistance if you need help locating it.

Don’t worry about getting the information you need to complete the FAFSA form to meet this deadline. You can apply for the FAFSA form for 2023–24 starting on October 1, 2022. You’ll have to utilise your 2021 duty data.

The State Deadline for FAFSA:

Your home state determines the second deadline. Check the deadline for your condition. Some states impose strict deadlines to ensure you are prioritised for college funding, while others suggest dates.

Due to limited resources, many states’ FAFSA deadlines may be early. You should submit your FAFSA form as soon as possible if your state’s deadline is “as soon as possible after October 1.”


The statutory deadline:

The U.S. Department of Education, also known as the FAFSA folks, are responsible for this final deadline. Our only time limit is when the FAFSA form for that academic year stops being available after June 30 each year.

As the 2023–24 school year ends on June 30, 2024, the FAFSA form will no longer be available on StudentAid.gov. Yes, you can technically access the FAFSA form throughout your college career. However, waiting is not a good idea because states and colleges have earlier deadlines.

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